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"By providing smart guidance during the financial crisis, the nation’s best advisors proved their mettle." Barron's 2010
  In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Barron's Magazine lists David Mallach as one of the top one thousand advisors in the United States. On this site you can purchase his books.

Now available as MP3 Audio Books
  Audio books have become very popular and you can now purchase David Mallach's novels on CD in MP3 format. CDR's with MP3 (music or audio books) have been a popular format for some time now and will play on the majority of CD Players at home and in your car. You can also copy the MP3 files to your memory card or directly to your portable device.
  All of the books are narrated by Dave Giorgio. Dave is an audio producer, voice over talent and musician. He has performed live at more than one thousand events, has written hundreds of original songs, and has produced more than 200 audio books and has earned two Gold records.

Walking With The Analysts
Audio Sample from Walking With The Analysts Click Here

►“An invaluable gift of knowledge to all of us who seek need growth of income for ourselves and to help others. Thank you, David Mallach!”
Gustavo Barrantes, Charity Executive, Latin America

alking With The Analysts is a gripping, often gut-wrenching novel in which the worlds of Wall Street and third-world poverty collide. Renowned money manager Johnny Long accomplishes for himself the challenge of bridging these seemingly disparate worlds together. Racing against the clock in a desperate attempt to rescue an African hospital from financial ruin -- saving countless lives in the process – Johnny Long must adapt his investment strategies to stave off the erosion of a deteriorating economic environment. There is far more at stake for Johnny Long than simply landing a new account. There are lives at stake… men, women and children. And values extend beyond portfolio worth.

The novel is set in Botswana, a country ravished by poverty, starvation and disease. In a country where over 50% of the population is HIV positive, the Princess Diana Hospital provides the only chance of survival these people will ever know. However, disaster looms ominously as the hospital teeters on the verge of fiscal collapse. Crippled by mounting expenses and catastrophic declines in income as bond and CD interest rates fall, the Directors are faced with a terrible decision – should they continue investing their endowment for maximum current income or change the policy of the endowment to a strategy of income growth.

The disciplines taught and the lessons learned in this fictional account of one man’s attempt to change his little part of the world are applicable to everyday investing in ways that transcend the page. Thus, Walking With The Analysts is more than a primer on income investing. It is also a tale about the human spirit and what it takes to triumph in our darkest hour, a tale about the vast potential of the human spirit.

►“At last! A follow-up to Dancing with the Analysts. That book changed my whole investment approach.” --Jack Evans - Southwest Investment Partners
►“Need more income in these times of rising costs? This book is for you.” --Maribel Zuniga -Director of Finance- ACE Enterprises

Audio Sample from Walking With The Analysts

Listen to a sample from the audio-book version:

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This book is a work of fiction. Therefore, it should not be assumed by any reader that any specific investment or investment strategy made reference to in this book will be either profitable or equal historical or anticipated performance levels. It should also not be assumed that the performance of any specific investment style or sector will be either profitable or equal its corresponding historical index benchmark. Finally, different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment or investment strategy made reference to in this book will be suitable or otherwise appropriate for an individual’s investment portfolio. To the extent that readers have any questions regarding the suitability of any specific investment or investment strategy made reference to in this book for their individual investment(s) or financial situation, they are encouraged to consult with the investment professional of their choosing.

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