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"By providing smart guidance during the financial crisis, the nation’s best advisors proved their mettle." Barron's 2010
  In 2010, 2011 and 2012 Barron's Magazine lists David Mallach as one of the top one thousand advisors in the United States. On this site you can purchase his books.

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Dancing with the Analysts
Audio Sample from Dancing With The Analysts Click Here

►“A powerful novel by a Wall Street insider.
A must read for anyone involved in stocks and the market.” --
Maribel Suarez, Investment Associates, June 27, 2002

  In this first offering of financial thrillers, author David Mallach introduces Johnny Long, the man with the financial knowledge, the man who develops investment strategies and makes them available to the Everyman, the man who sees the true risks and rewards behind everything. From the outset, Johnny must make choices – hard choices – in a world of high-stakes investing and intrigue in which choosing wisely means a life of purpose and choosing poorly means unaccomplished dreams.

In this novel, Johnny shows that “money is nothing in itself.” Rather, it is what we do with wealth that brings meaning to a life well lived. Here begins the relationship as Johnny meets Austin Montgomery, a college student cut adrift and ill prepared for a world in which he has no family, no money, and no mentor. Together, Johnny and Austin accept a challenge in which they stand to win millions… or lose everything in the process. Failure is not an option; unfortunately, it is a distinct possibility. Together they must follow a path between temptation and virtue without knowing where they may eventually wind up.

Dancing with the Analysts is sure to entertain as well as educate. Beginning investors receive a crash course in portfolio management intricately wrapped in a sophisticated story.

Audio Sample from Dancing With The Analysts

Listen to a sample from the audio-book version:

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This book is a work of fiction. Therefore, it should not be assumed by any reader that any specific investment or investment strategy made reference to in this book will be either profitable or equal historical or anticipated performance levels. It should also not be assumed that the performance of any specific investment style or sector will be either profitable or equal its corresponding historical index benchmark. Finally, different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment or investment strategy made reference to in this book will be suitable or otherwise appropriate for an individual’s investment portfolio. To the extent that readers have any questions regarding the suitability of any specific investment or investment strategy made reference to in this book for their individual investment(s) or financial situation, they are encouraged to consult with the investment professional of their choosing.

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